Chiropractic is the most widely used natural health care profession in the world.

It works holistically, removing interference from the body and reconnecting it to its incredible healing and performance potential.

Momentum Quiropràctic: Our Exclusive Approach

In Momentum we study in detail the condition of your spine and the functioning of your nervous system, with a holistic approach, considering the effect it has on your health and overall well-being.

We monitor your progress on a regular basis, so that we can adapt the care you need at every moment of your life.

We guide you during your improvement process with a continuing education to carry out a healthy lifestyle.

Our Exclusive Approach

Scientific Evidence of Chiropractic

Benefits of chiropractic

A study of 2,818 patients who received chiropractic care in the United States and around the world showed that chiropractic care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvement in areas of well-being. Patients report changes in: physical well-being, decreased level of perceived stress, enjoyment of life, lifestyle changes, emotional and psychological well-being, quality of life.

Blanks, RH; Boone, WR; Schmidt, S; Dobson, M; Network Care: A retrospective outcomes assessment. 1996 Dobson, M; Boone WR; Blanks, RH; Women and Alternative Health Care: A retrospective study of recipients of Network Care. 1996

As result of using chiropractic

It has been proven…


Improvement in
1-3 months


Improvement in
3-12 months


Improvement in
13-36 months


Improvement in
+36 months

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