5 myths and truths about chiropractic

The truth is that chiropractors, especially in Spain, are more than aware that there is a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding chiropractic care and our profession.

One of our objectives is to work on the (re)knowledge and philosophy of chiropractic, in order to put an end to some of the most widespread myths. But how about discovering with us the myths and truths of chiropractic? We are sure, that we will be able to solve many of the possible doubts you may have.  Let’s go! 😉

Myth 1
Chiropractic is only good for back pain

Contrary to what many people think, no, chiropractors are not back doctors and chiropractic is not just for back pain.

Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations (displacement of one or more vertebrae of the spine) in order to align your spine and optimise your nervous system so that your body can function properly and adapt to your environment and the different stresses of everyday life.

Myth 2
Chiropractic is not a university degree

WRONG. Chiropractic does have a university degree. In fact, it is a 5 to 7 year degree which leads to a Higher University Degree in Chiropractic. Furthermore, after completing the studies we are recognised as Doctors of Chiropractic by the  European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU).

Nationally, there are two recognised universities where chiropractic can be studied in two universities: Barcelona College Of Chiropractic (Partnership with Pompeu Fabra University) and Madrid College of Chiropractic (Real Centro Universitario Escorial Maria Cristina, a centre attached to the Complutense University).

But, as in any profession, unfortunately, there are people who perform malpractice and do not comply with training and/or ethical codes. For this reason, we always recommend that you ask or find out about the qualifications of your chiropractor or chiropractor and check that he or she is registered on the Asociación Española de la Quiropráctica (AEQ).

Myth 3
Chiropractic adjustments are not safe

This is probably one of the myths we are most certain to debunk – chiropractic is safe! (As long as it is performed by a good practitioner 😉

Qualified chiropractors are trained to perform specific, safe and pain-free spinal adjustments; applying the necessary force to the appropriate contact to move only the appropriate vertebral segment. During our studies, a minimum of 1000 hours of practice with clinical supervision is required.

In addition, in chiropractic care there are a number of different adjustment techniques to safely adjust to the conditions and needs of each patient. You can consult the adjustment techniques that we practice at Momentum Quiropràctic by clicking here

Chiropractic and Scientific evidence

Myth 4
Chiropractic has no scientific evidence

As we have said before… There are many false beliefs about chiropractic but there is even more scientific evidence to refute these myths.

Scientific studies and research support chiropractic care as natural, effective, safe and with a great positive impact on quality of life. In our centre you will find a dossier prepared by the Spanish Chiropractic Association with a summary of studies carried out on chiropractic.

In it, you will find studies and scientific articles that endorse chiropractic and its positive impact on physical well-being and mental performance, among others.

You can also check it by clicking here.

Myth 5
Chiropractic is not for me

At this point, and having debunked the most common myths about chiropractic, we are pleased to announce that… Chiropractic IS for you. 

No matter where you are in your life, we can all benefit from effective and safe chiropractic care. Even if you have no noticeable ailments or symptoms, we all need to align our spine and optimise our nervous system. That’s why with chiropractic you can enjoy a better quality of life thanks to all its benefits.

In addition, at Momentum we always emphasise understanding chiropractic care in a proactive and preventive way.

If you’ve made it this far and already knew the truth behind these chiropractic myths, share this post with your loved ones or those who have ever doubted chiropractic care.

And if you have discovered in this post the truth of chiropractic, we encourage you to start with chiropractic to enjoy a higher quality of life and start your inner empowerment, you can book your first visit with us on our website.

If you still have any questions about chiropractic, its scientific basis or about our services, do not hesitate to ask us through the channel of your choice. You can also follow us on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to keep learning more about chiropractic and about us.

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