Why chiropractic care is key to improving your employees’ wellbeing at workplace

It is no secret that chiropractic care and health have a very close (holistic) relationship. But did you know that chiropractic is also key to the health of your business? If you want to know how chiropractic care contributes to well-being at workplace and all its benefits, the Momentum Quiropràctic team will explain you more about it in this post.

Yeah… we know. In the last few years wellbeing has become the new treasure hunt and we all talk about it. Whether it’s physical wellbeing, the importance of emotional wellbeing… And now we come here and talk to you about well-being at work, ha!

But we assure you that, whether you have a business with hired staff, you are responsible for the human resources department of a company or you simply want to contribute to improve the wellbeing in the place where you work, this post will be your panacea. Keep reading and you will know why!

Chiropractic care Corporate Wellness Barcelona

What is Workplace Wellness

According to WHO (2010) in its model for implementing workplace wellness, “a healthy work environment is one in which workers and managers collaborate in a process of continuous improvement to promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of workers and the sustainability of the work environment”. 

Therefore, we can understand well-being at work as the proactive relationship that is maintained in a corporate team in order to optimise both the physical and cognitive functioning of people, so that they can enjoy a positive somatic and psychic state with regard to work.

In short, it aims to ensure that all work-related activities and feelings (both during the working day and outside the workplace) interfere in a positive way with the well-being of workers.

Corporate Wellness and Work Atmosphere

The work atmosphere of your business plays a fundamental role in the well-being and health of your employees, as Castañeda et al. (2017) state in their study on well-being at workplace.

What we refer when talking about work atmosphere it is the following:

  • Infrastructure and physical environment: the workspace facilities (natural light, adequate air-conditioning and ventilation), work equipment (refurbished work devices and tools, ergonomic chairs).
  • Organisational characteristics: the organisational structure of the company (number of employees, communication dynamics in management, whether vertical or horizontal), the company’s ethical codes and values, transparency in decision-making.
  • Social environment: good relations between employees and with managers, proper resolution of work-related conflicts, cooperation between departments.
  • Individual characteristics of the employee: set of attitudes, way of being, work skills, motivations and expectations, both work-related and personal.
  • Work-related behaviours: a range of work-related attitudes such as: pressure, productivity, absenteeism, staff turnover, job satisfaction, level of tension in the work environment.

Why is Corporate Wellness important

The question “Why is wellness at workplace important?” can be answered from different points of view and perspectives: business ethics and personal morals, economic interest, legal interest…

But in this post we will do so from the Smart Empowerment approach that characterises the philosophy of Momentum Quiropràctic. That is, from the perspective of health and holistic wellbeing of people through their personal and professional empowerment.

Workplace wellbeing and Smart Empowerment

Our Smart Empowerment approach is applied to the different factors we have just mentioned in relation to the work atmosphere, as they are decisive for the correct functionality, efficiency, social impact and activity of the company and its employees. Above all, in relation to attitudes and behaviours in relation to work, as these have the greatest impact on the emotional and physical well-being of corporate teams, and ultimately, of the business.

That is the reason why in companies or teams that do not care about well-being at workplace, work-related stress is often the trigger for physical health problems (in addition to promoting habits such as smoking, unhealthy eating due to lack of time or motivation) and mental health problems that can result in:

  • Absenteeism and lack of motivation in relation to work targets
  • Job dissatisfaction, high staff turnover, talent drain who had already the company’s know-how
  • Health problems (anxiety, hypertension) and as a consequence, absence from work

Of course, we cannot ignore the economic interest and importance of human capital in any company’s business model for efficiency and productivity. But it is even more important to take into account the well-being at workplace in order to take care of the people who are part of the corporate team.

In this way, employees can enjoy a fulfilling working life and by achieving this, a positive impact on their overall well-being is generated, on which the social climate at work and work-related behaviours depend to a large extent.

In addition to, companies that promote workplace wellbeing also position themselves as preferred candidates for recruitment and retention.

Chiropractic care, key to attain wellbeing at workplace

If you are wondering, how to improve well-being in the workplace in companies? In a few lines, we’ll give you the answer.

Although plenty of wellness programms have emerged in recent years, they tend to focus on coaching or on improving employee-boss relations at work and often forget about physical or mental health.

Chiropractic care is key to improving work wellbeing holistically, as it impacts on physical and mental wellbeing as a natural health practice that optimises the condition of the spine and the functioning of the nervous system, removing potential interference from the body and reconnecting it to its incredible physical, mental and emotional performance potential. (If you want to know more about chiropractic you can visit our website).

For this reason, big companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Google, provide chiropractic care to their employees, so that they have an optimal brain stimulation and improve their physical condition in order to gain wellness and get their maximum potential.

In addition, if chiropractic care is used preventively and proactively, it has great benefits for employee wellbeing and well-being at workplace. Do you want to know some of these benefits?

Benefits of chiropractic care for corporate wellness

  • Cognitive skills that help the performance of work teams are enhanced; improving mental clarity for decision-making, reaction time, efficiency, creativity… If you want to know more, you can read our post about chiropractic and mental performance.
  • Reduced sick leave thanks to the healing and prevention of health problems such as: back or neck problems, lumbar pain, migraines, etc….
  • Increased retention of talent and employees in your business thanks to burnout prevention.
  • Reduced employee turnover thanks to good stress management with chiropractic adjustments.

The health of your employees is the health of your business

In conclusion, if you decide to promote the well-being of your employees at workplace, you will be investing in improving the efficiency and health of your business.

As we have mentioned in this post, Momentum Quiropràctic’s Smart Empowerment approach and our philosophy understands chiropractic care as preventive, holistic and personally empowering care that has a positive impact on the work atmosphere.

Therefore, at Momentum Quiropràctic we work to empower corporate teams to reach an optimal state of functioning through chiropractic care, as well as through talks and workshops focused on promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

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And if you book an appointment… we are waiting for you with open arms at our centre in Barcelona.

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