Smart Empowerment: discover the benefits of chiropractic to improve mental performance

Did you know that there is a natural and efficient way to improve mental performance? Chiropractic, as well as optimizing physical performance, also boosts cognitive skills… The Momentum Quiropràctic team will tell you how and why in this post.

In recent years, it is likely that you have also experienced what we call “brain fog” or the loss of clarity and mental agility, among other symptoms such as insomnia or anxiety.

Our society has been influenced by socio-technological changes such as teleworking and its consequent hyper-connectivity at work, which has interfered with personal and family conciliation and our mental performance, resulting in cognitive impairment due to the emotional and work-related stress. If this resonates with you… allow yourself to disconnect for the next few minutes and continue reading this post to discover how chiropractic can help you.

Mental performance chiropractic Momentum Quiropràctic

Chiropractic and mental performance

You’ve probably heard of chiropractic… but do you really know what it is?

Chiropractic is a natural health practice that involves the analysis and manipulation of the spine to detect and correct vertebral subluxations through specific, safe and painless manual adjustments.

If your reaction while reading this was…. “subluxa-WHAT!? , don’t worry, we are used to see this reaction. A vertebral subluxation is the professional term we use in chiropractic to refer to the displacement that can occur in one or more vertebrae of the spine.

And if you are wondering how vertebral subluxations can occur… blame it on: the well-known stress, that we all suffer and face in our everyday life, whether it is physical, emotional or chemical stress.

Stress and its impact on mental performance

When our body suffers more stress than usual, it tries to adapt to the conditions of the environment by subluxing one or more vertebrae, which prevents our body from functioning at 100% because the brain cannot transmit all the information to the different parts of the body without interference, which is caused by subluxations in our spine.

Due to subluxations, it is common for our mental performance and cognitive abilities to be impaired with reduced efficiency. This happens because the brain is unable to receive information from our body correctly due to the incorrect functioning of the nervous system.

Then, we are in a loop of frustration and more stress as we realize that we cannot function as efficiently as we would like to and therefore, our everyday life, work or other activities are just way too exhausting.  Does this sounds familiar to you?

It’s often difficult to reduce stress, and maybe you have tried to improve your mental performance with medicine, but what if we told you that there is a natural way to do it? With chiropractic you can optimize your cognitive performance and enjoy your potential at its maximum with the following benefits:

Benefits of chiropractic for mental performance

Although the beneficial impact of chiropractic is holistic and it goes beyond mental performance… In this post we will focus on mental performance:

Improved reaction time

One of the benefits of chiropractic and having a spine free of interferences is improving reaction time, a key cognitive skill for decision making in high-performance work situations with teams working under pressure and against the clock.

The research study conducted by Selano et. al. (1994) demonstrates with scientific evidence a significant improvement in a complex reaction-time task after a chiropractic adjustment. In the group that spinal manipulation was used, the decrease in average reaction time improved by 14.9%.

Benefits chiropractic mental performance

More mental clarity and efficiency

When we are under stress at work or in our personal lives, we can develop health problems due to our lifestyle, as Avila (2014) points out.

Some of the physiological symptoms we may experience due to stress are: mental and physical fatigue, insomnia or anxiety. In addition, we tend to feel more irritable, to feel lack of motivation…

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the accelerated pace of society and socio-technological changes has implied a high-increase lifestyle in recent years.

And, although we have become aware of the importance of integrating techniques to keep stress at bay, such as: taking care of our diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, physical exercise and other tools such as meditation… we ofter feel overwhelmed.

As Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize in Physiology (1981) stated, 90% of the stimulus and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine, so it is vital for proper cognitive functioning, that the spine is free of interference.

For this reason, chiropractic is the ideal tool to integrate into your life and achieve greater mental performance.  Thanks to the correct functioning of the spine and the nervous system that will allow your body to adapt to the environment of your everydaylife in an efficient way.

Improve your creativity

Different scientific investigations, such as the study conducted by Masarsky, C. and Masarsky, M. (2010) on divergent and creative thinking, suggest with the results a short-term improvement of creative thinking after only one chiropractic adjustment.

In addition, different creative skills or the use of creative thinking for project development was also enhanced after the chiropractic care that was practiced to the sample group of the study.

Because of the optimal cognitive performance achieved with chiropractic, it is common that creative industries to incorporate chiropractic care to nurture staff and enhance their creative skills.

If you are wondering… Do I need to improve my mental performance?

Heart-stopping deadlines, your calendar filled with meetings, a never-ending list of projects and pending tasks, among other stressful everyday life situations with your relationships and personal life…. Boom!

Indeed… you might need chiropractic since your spine might has a subluxation due to the stress you are under and, therefore, you might not be functioning to your fullest potential.

The best way to start with chiropractic is when we act in a preventive way without developing physiological symptoms or diseases, and therefore, we can optimize your wellbeing, your potential and your physical and mental performance… this is what we call: “Smart Empowerment”.

At Momentum Chiropractic we empower our patients and corporate teams to achieve optimal functioning. If you want to know more about us, we invite you to visit our website, where you will learn about the Momentum team, our values and how we can help you. And if you book an appointment... we look forward to seeing you in our Momentum Quiropràctic center in Barcelona.

You can also follow us on our social media profiles (InstagramFacebookLinkedIn) to keep learning more about chiropractic and us.

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