Chiropractors are not back pain doctors: find out what we do

Hands up who knows what a chiropractor does… No one? Is that a hand rising in the background? Well, neither…

No problem! We are aware that chiropractic is still not so recognised in Spain and that is why we will give you the answer in this post 🙂

So, if you have never heard of chiropractic before, this is the post for you. Or, if on the contrary, you did know something about chiropractors but you thought we were “back doctors” or “physio-like”, keep reading because you are going to find out what chiropractors really are 😉 Let’s go!

What is a chiropractor

What does a chiropractor do?

First thing first, and as we told you at the beginning of the post, we are going to tell you exactly what chiropractors do.

Chiropractors are doctors of chiropractic care, i.e. doctors who specialise in the spine. In our higher education, we are trained and specialise in diagnosing, treating and preventing spinal disorders that can cause (or result from) ailments or health problems.

This is why chiropractors make spinal adjustments. A what?! Yes… we know that this is often another term that can generate a bit of confusion due to its unfamiliarity. But we’ll tell you about it a couple of lines below 😉

What is chiropractic for?

Chiropractic, in addition to being the largest and most widely used natural health care profession in the world, is the specialty of aligning the spine so that the brain can transmit every message through the nervous system to the various parts of the body without interference.

In this way, by aligning your spine, you will be able to enjoy your maximum health potential thanks to the neurological optimisation and the correct function of the Nervous System. In addition, it restores your body’s capacity for adaptation and healing.

What is a chiropractic adjustment for?

A chiropractic adjustment is applied after an analysis of each vertebra to detect which segments are subluxated.

Therefore, the primary function of a chiropractic adjustment is to correct vertebral subluxations (abnormal displacement that can occur in one or more vertebrae of the spine) to restore optimal function of the nervous system and, as a result, the body can heal.

One of the most frequent questions about chiropractic adjustments is whether they are safe or not, and here we have a very clear answer: Yes! ¡Sí! Oui! Ja…

Chiropractors are trained to perform specific, safe and painless spinal adjustments. Thanks to our specialisation and training in the study and care of the spine, we are the only doctors trained to adjust the vertebrae that are interfering with your health by applying the necessary force and adjustment technique.

Therefore, we are not back doctors, but spine and nervous system specialists.

Chiropractic care and personal empowerment

In addition, as we tell in the video, chiropractors help to empower our patients thanks to the great potential of chiropractic to reconnect with your body and your environment, hence our slogan: Inner Empowerment.

At Momentum Quiropràctic we understand and practice chiropractic with a holistic philosophy, which works in your best interest so that you can enjoy a full expression of life with health and wellbeing.

Do you want to start your Inner Empowerment?

Visit us at the Momentum Quiropràctic centre in Barcelona, your oasis of disconnection and empowerment.

Our approach at Momentum Quiropràctic is that you understand how your body and chiropractic care work so that you can enjoy your life with optimal wellbeing.

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